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          188bet官网下属医疗技术公司physiq接收$ 500,000的AI推进创新

          gary-conkright physiq, founded by Purdue alumnus 加里Conkright, received a $500,000 investment from 188bet官网研究基金会的 铸造投资基金 to help advance medical technology. (Image provided) 下载图片

          西拉斐特,印第安纳。 - 到 188bet官网–affiliated company using artificial intelligence to improve health care delivery has received a $500,000 investment from 188bet官网研究基金会铸造投资基金 为了帮助IT促进医疗技术。

          physiq,成立由加里Conkright,毕业于188bet官网 工程学院


          该 铸造投资基金 was established in 2014 through a partnership between 188bet官网研究基金会 和 库克医疗公司. The goal of the fund is to add critical capital for the transition from the discovery of a promising technology to founding a viable life sciences company. 该 funds are partial matching investments made in the companies by institutional 和 other investors.

          “该 铸造投资基金 plays an important role in attracting interest in Purdue-affiliated life sciences companies,” said 约翰·哈纳克, managing director of 普渡企业. “Gary Conkright的 team at physIQ offers a great example of the kinds of technology 和 products that align perfectly with the goals of the fund.”

          该 铸造投资基金 has invested nearly $5 million in 13 companies in the past five years. Those companies have secured capital from venture funds and other institutional 和 professional investment sources.


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          铸造投资基金 jmhanak@prf.org.


          188bet官网研究基金会 otcip@prf.org.


          502 Bad Gateway www.physiq.com。 physiq遵循 推特LinkedIn.

          作家: 克里斯·亚当,765-588-3341, cladam@prf.org 

          来源: 加里Conkright, gconkright@physiq.com

          约翰·哈纳克, jmhanak@prf.org



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